Saturday, 5 May 2012

Almost finished Zoanthrope

So here's the Zoanthrope, it has been based, just didn't picture it:

1) Undercoat the model with Skull White spray
2) Paint the flesh with Rakarth Flesh
3) Wash the flesh with Agrax Earthshade
4) Paint the carapace, claws, base and other armoured areas with Abaddon Black
5) Paint lines of Doombull Brown onto the carapace, leaving no gaps between the lines
6) Paint lines of Khorne Red on top, leaving some Doombull Brown showing through
7) Layer Wazdakka Red over the previous coat, again leaving Khorne Red and Doombull Brown showing through
8) Paint the brain and eyes with Warpstone Glow
9) Highlight the brain and eyes with Moot Green
10) Apply Astrogranite to the base
11) Wash the base with Nuln Oil


  1. Really cool! Love the brain bit in particular- really striking! Great job!

  2. thanks simmuskhan! :D I'm glad the brain is striking, means I got the effect I wanted :)